3 Ways to Create a Unique Selling Proposition That Will Help You Stand Out In a Crowded Market
OgaAdmin 15 Minute read   |   May 11, 2018

If you want to be truthful to yourself, you probably don’t have an utterly unique product and even if you are the first one to produce the product, you know sooner or later people will copy you and even make the same products cheaper. Now we are not saying that is a bad thing.

Truth is, some of the most successful products today aren’t all necessarily new, original or unique. The producers didn’t need to reinvent the wheel; they only found a way to be innovative and flexible to succeed.

That’s because they’ve found a way to differentiate themselves from other brands that produce the same product. And it is not so much through their capabilities but by how they have presented themselves. And if you want to stand out in a crowded market, it is this same approach you have to take in marketing your brand.

What Is a Unique Selling Proposition?

Your unique selling proposition (USP), is what makes you and your business UNIQUE. It is essentially the niche your product fills in the marketplace, and the driving force behind everything that you do.

Your USP is an important part of creating pricing power and a business that your customers genuinely love. A strong unique selling proposition lets you to stand apart from competitors and actively focus your energy on creating things that cater to your ideal target market.

Having a USP is a competitive advantage that allows you to avoid the trap of trying to please everyone. So you’re going to have to come up with something different if you’re going to stand out in a crowded market.

we are going to walk you through it so that by the end of this blog post, you have a clear idea of what a USP is, why you need one, how to create one, and how to share it with your customers.

Why You Need a Unique Selling Proposition

Most likely, a lot of your customers have difficulty deciding which option of the products deserves their time, money and trust.

And this process can be daunting for customers especially the ones that have never bought from you to experience what separates you from your competitors.

That’s why it is your job to help them by making your unique selling proposition obvious, different and memorable enough that they can see exactly what you have to offer that your competitors don’t.

In order to stand out in a crowded market, it helps if your business has a trait that’s worth remembering. Although a superior product and outstanding service are the foundation for growing a company that goes the distance, there is an opportunity to use differentiation as a competitive advantage in order to stand out.

How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition That Works

When it comes to developing a unique point of difference for your business, it’s impossible to give one-size-fits-all advice.

That said there are certainly some best practices that have worked across marketplaces and you can apply to make your own their unique selling proposition worthwhile.

STEP 1 | Find out exactly what your ideal customer wants

Finding out who your ideal customer often takes quite a bit of work. So when you finally identify the perfect customer to sell to, it only makes sense to appeal to them through every aspect of your business.

With your ideal customer in mind, it’s now time to make a list of all of his/her wants and needs. A good way to do this is to “ask” your ideal customer a series of questions that give you a better idea of his/her wants and needs.

Here are some questions to think about your ideal client:

· What does his/her schedule look like on a daily basis?

· What are his/her worries and concerns?

· What challenges and issues is he/she facing right now?

· What does he/she do to unwind?

STEP 2 | Identify what makes your product unique.

So for example, you are selling soap and there a literally a thousand businesses out there also selling soaps. How then are you going to stand out in this crowded market? Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you think. You just have to sit down and take the time to think it through.

While most soap owners don’t even know what a USP is, the few that do tend to focus on the USP of “handmade” and “organic,” which are great USP’s worth mentioning if you have your own shop website or sell on another platform. Just about everyone sells “handmade” and “organic” item.

So while those qualities are good starting points, they’re not going to make your soap unique against the thousands of other soaps selling that feature handmade and organic.

Your USP needs to be even more specific than that — you need to make sure that your soap is delivering a unique perspective and unique value that none of your competitors are providing.

If nothing unique about your product instantly comes to mind, then you probably have a little more business planning to do — because if you don’t know what makes your business unique, you better believe that your customers won’t have a clue either.

STEP 3 | Take your customer needs and your business unique trait(s) and combine these into a single statement.

To bring it all home, you’re going to take your customer’s wants and needs and combine it with your business unique traits.

A lot of businesses take their USP and use it as a tagline — which is a great way to make sure that your customer gets a sense of your business from the start.

That being said, your USP should be more than just words, it should be the driving force of your business and every business decision you make should reiterate it.

Now it’s your turn to Create your Unique Selling Proposition

Your customers now know why you’re different from others. They know why they should buy from you. But all this only happens when your unique value proposition is well-defined and you communicate it well.

After creating a unique selling proposition and communicating it well with everything you do, the task of conquering your niche and having a lucrative business will be 100 times easier.

Share your story in the comments below. Or, tell us about a business you love that stands out among the competition.