About Us

Ogaranya was conceptualized when a friend found it frustrating to get internet connection to buy a shirt during a prolonged fuel scarcity induced strike in Nigeria. We quickly thought up a solution and created Ogaranya.

Ogaranya completes offline commerce transactions via text (SMS, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Slack, Skype and Web) using four to five steps in markets with low internet penetration rate and a high basic mobile phone adoption rate. Using a unique code; products in Newspapers, Static billboards, Television adverts, Handbills etc. are easily converted into sales by initiating an order via SMS or other text-based channels; thus, giving a new meaning to offline business transactions and extending sales beyond the current brick and mortar system. Payment is completed in real-time via a variety of options including USSD, Bank Deposit, Pay at ATM, Online Payment etc.