Effective Marketing Tips to Skyrocket your Sales
OgaAdmin 15 Minute read   |   Apr 30, 2018

According to Sandler Training, you need to avoid the trap of believing you can sell to any and everybody. You will need to experiment with different marketing ideas and tactics in order to understand your target market (ideal customer) and market your product to them.

Making sales can be very challenging. Knowing how to market your products can help you increase your sale quickly. Business owners who have increased their sales did so by taking deliberate steps based on proven sales principles and techniques.

Below are effective marketing tips to skyrocket your sales:

Use Influencer Marketing To Drive the Value of Your Product

Influencer marketing can increase your sales especially when you don’t have a big audience. Finding the right influencers to use your products can be really tricky especially if you are a new business owner. You’ll have to be mindful of the kind of engagement the influencers you use get when they share or talk your products.

Are the comments about the influencer or about your product? Does the post get enough engagement? Is the influencer able to convert your prospects and new audiences? Some influencers charge a lot of money and end up generating very few sales.

You’ll likely have to work with an influencer who is highly regarded and trusted when it comes to your niche to be able to actually get sales and convert people.

Build Customer Loyalty with Rewards and Benefits

Customer loyalty is when a customer is willing to repeatedly buy from you due to a positive experience or satisfaction. Your loyal customers can help increase your sales faster than acquiring a new customer.

Knowing this, you should potentially put in more effort to make sure you are keeping your loyal customers satisfied and keep them coming back.

Your loyal customers not only spend time buying from you, but they also spread positive word-of-mouth by telling people about the positive experience and satisfaction of using your products.

So, create a customer loyalty program where you can offer a reward or benefit to customers who frequently buy from you. These benefits could include free products, discounts, rewards, or offers on products that are yet to be released.

Promote Your Business, Be Active Everywhere.

We hear a lot of businesses say they put their brand out there when they really don’t. You can’t expect organic sales alone to skyrocket when you post once or twice on Instagram or Facebook. That is not how marketing works. You have to experiment with several platforms to find the one that suits your business perfectly. You also need to know that you are not going to hit a home run on your first attempt. Remember the saying “you lose some and win some”.

Use different social media platforms and be active on them. Respond to messages, engage relevant audiences, and build strong relationships as part of your daily routine.

Asides social media, you need to put your business out there by using different methods such as Adverts, Guest Posting, doing specific niche interviews and more. The goal is to make sure people know your business exists. You need to manage your reputation proactively both online and offline. Ogaranya is a great platform to increase your sales by 200% by making every advert count.


Selling is not as difficult as you think. But you can make a habit of it if you use the effective marketing tips above.

What other marketing tips have you used while growing your business? Share your marketing tips to help other store owners grow their stores in the comments below!