How to Choose the Right Courier for Your Business
OgaAdmin 15 Minute read   |   May 04, 2018

Whether you own a small-scale or a Large-scale enterprise, you will require reliable package delivery services

For a lot of businesses, the contact their customers have with their courier may be the main if not only human interaction they have with their clients. Business owners and customers interact differently with couriers.

Whether a customer orders an item for home delivery or need to get an item from point A to B, the concerns tend to be very simple across board:

· Can this item get to my desired location on time?

· Will I be able to track it?

· Will it get delivered in good condition?

Even though these are important factors to consider on the business side as well, they are limited. Many businesses have to rely on courier services to keep their business going and their customers satisfied.

So choosing the right courier for your business can be a very important fact to consider. Why? Because the right courier can help you in increasing conversion and growth rate of your business.

In this post, we’re going to explore the functions of a courier, and all of the criteria on how to choose the right courier for your business.

What are Couriers?

Put simply, a courier service is a company that delivers goods.

This delivery can occur within businesses, between businesses and consumers or vice versa. While many businesses engage a particular courier service for all or most of their deliveries, consumers can also hire some couriers for one-off deliveries.

While the word “courier” tends to be interpreted as synonymous with a fast, short-range delivery, parcel delivery by courier doesn’t have to be just across town — it can also mean delivery across the world.

In fact, couriers can take many forms. In some cities, in addition to trucks and vans, they may operate on bicycles or motorcycles. For longer distance deliveries, they can avail themselves of long-haul trucks, and railways.

What Items Do Couriers Deliver?

The products a courier service delivers can vary significantly. The average consumer’s typical experience with couriers consists of receiving the items they ordered off of Jumia or Konga.

But the reality of what courier services can deliver is much more complex. From refrigerated courier services — delivering temperature controlled items such as food, biological and pharmaceutical products — to courier companies that deliver secure, sensitive documents, there is quite a bit of specialization in the industry.

The key for consumers and businesses alike is finding a courier company that will do the best job with the items they send and receive.

How to Choose the Right Courier for your business

So now we know what couriers do and the kind of items they deliver, but how can you be confident choosing one courier service over the other.

There are many factors to look out for choosing the right courier for your business.

1. Tracking

This is very important as you don’t want packages to get lost. When choosing what a courier to use, always check to see if they offer a tracking service for your peace of mind and your customers.

Being able to track where the product is will allow you to easily put your customer’s mind at rest should anything be delayed.

2. Price

You don’t want to go throwing all your profits on costly couriers. Be sure to stay informed on the costs of doing business with a particular courier service, but also realize that cost is not always correlated to level of service.

Check around for the best deals. However, you have to be aware that the best price might not always guarantee you the best courier service. So be cautious and get at least 5 quotes before making a decision. Somewhere in the middle is generally the safest option.

3. Reviews

Always do your homework and find out what people are saying about the courier before you decide on one. Many companies take pride in their on-time delivery percentage and post it online.

It makes sense to do a bit of online research for client reviews and ratings. A courier’s digital presence can also go a long way in reinforcing their reputation.

Final Thoughts

Couriers will continue to be key players in getting products from merchants to consumers.

Businesses may need to make investments in the transportation and delivery space if they plan on meeting demand and providing great service to their customers.

As such, it’s crucial that they partner with couriers that are able to support their demand, providing quality, efficient service.