Ogaranya: The future of e-Commerce in Africa is SMS
OgaAdmin 15 Minute read   |   Apr 13, 2018

Our CEO while driving on Awolowo road on one of his trips to a Client’s office in December 2017, something caught his attention and he took a snapshot. The picture below is that snapshot. Now can you figure out what is wrong with the picture?

Clearly, something is missing here. Just imagine if this advert is not just for the viewers to know the price of the product but to also initiate payment of the product at a glance. Just imagine if there was a caption like this on the advert: “Send 001100 to 09081000076” to buy this product. The advertiser would have succeeded in introducing the product and its price to the customers, then lure them to purchase the product immediately on their mobile phones without the need of internet or smart phone.

This is not just an abstract idea or fiction, Ogaranya had been behind the scene for years; experimenting and observing users behavior. Ogaranya has already been implemented for a company with diverse user groups and genuine cry for something that would reduce the traffic of users to their office to purchase their products without their customers going online.

After careful research, we have cracked the solution to e-commerce and seamless payment. We have bridged the gap of assessing e-commerce via SMS (text messages).

With Ogaranya, you can complete a transaction in just 3 to 5 steps and also make payments accordingly. Ogaranya is a platform for users to buy without the need of internet. For clarity, let’s quickly re-make the first advert copy we used up there.

We have created a 24/7 system that helps to complete orders and payments in 3 to 5 steps of SMS conversations. No need of internet, no registration, no password and no need of complex or rigorous process.

Basically, Ogaranya can help you buy/sell any product and book/sell events tickets without using the internet. Ogaranya is the suitable platform for you to have a feel of buying/selling things with convenience.

Are you getting intrigued already? Relax, there is still more coming… watch this video:

Can you comprehend it now? Yes, you can do lots more without an e-commerce website.

Your customers don’t need to go online before they could buy your products. And for those with easy access to the internet on their smart devices, instead of wasting time to sign up on e-commerce website and taking time to select product, fill forms, then make payment, this process can be enhanced by sending message on Facebook (send us a chat), Twitter (follow us, we will follow you back), Add to Skype and WeChatTelegram (add @OgaranyaBot).

Interestingly all transactions are synced across all these platforms. It means that you can start a transaction request from SMS, continue from Facebook, pick it up from Twitter and complete it with Slack without missing a step.

Your customers don’t need to download another special app for Ogaranya.

  • No Internet needed
  • No Password required
  • Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, Web chat, Skype bots available for users who can’t do without them and orders are synced across all channels
  • Payment does not need internet too…
  • Real time reporting/monitoring interface for merchants.
  • No special knowledge is needed to carry out a transaction. All you need is the knowledge of sending SMS or chats.
  • You can never be wrong!
  • With Ogaranya, there is nothing like abandoned cart

Did you just ask how would people pay on Ogaranya?

You’ve got many options…you can pay via USSD (the most convenient option), Deposit at bank, Pay at ATM or Pay via Debit/Credit Card online if you have access to internet.

You will get real-time notification of all transactions and your customers also get notified. More payment options are coming very soon.

For more information about Ogaranya, click here.