Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Advertising Budget
OgaAdmin 15 Minute read   |   May 26, 2018

Businesses today look at their advertising budget as an expense rather than the investment it truly is.

Every amount of money you spend should be working towards getting you more than that amount in benefit (Return on Investment) which means that putting more money into your advertising budget will almost be sure to earn you more results when you allocate the result strategically.

The key to achieving efficiency with your advertising campaigns is to make sure you are getting the full value out of every amount you spend no matter how big or small the budget is.

Below are some tips to help you make the most out of your marketing budget;

1.Use Complementary Strategies

You will get more out of your marketing budget by distributing it among strategies that will complement each other. So instead of investing in 2 completely different tactics, you can invest in two tactics that work to enance each other.

2. Stop Spending on What Isn’t Working

This is where many businesses get it wrong. When you have your budget distributed evenly among separate campaigns and one is clearly not getting results like the other, then stop spending money on it. There really is no point spending money on an investment when you consistently see lackluster results.

3. Re-purpose Your Content

Every advertising strategy you use will demand some form of content, whether you are advertising on social media, billboards, Radio, etc. If you create new material every time you need to advertise, you’ll end up in a constantly demanding cycle of creative effort. Instead, you can recycle content from one medium, and use it in another in the future thereby reducing the cost and logistics for producing content.

4. Don’t Be Scared to Experiment

When you get a positive ROI on a given strategy, that’s a good thing but there may be another strategy out there that can give you an even higher ROI. For that reason, it’s vital that you keep an open mind and be willing to experiment. Don’t be scared to try different tactics, different content, and different audiences, and make sure you measure and compare the results you get. This is especially important when you want to launch a new product.

5. Have a Target Audience

Every marketing strategy is more effective when it’s targeted specifically to the right audience. Many businesses make the mistake of “optimizing” their advertising strategies to reach as many people as possible. There is some credence to the idea that reaching more people gives you more potential visitors and customers, but if your messages aren’t relevant, they aren’t going resonate, and it won’t matter how many people you end up reaching.


Spending more money on advertising might not always the best solution sometimes. when followed consistently, these tips can lead you to a more productive and higher-returning advertising approach, especially if you stick to them as your needs and budget increase.