What is Ogaranya and how does it work?
OgaAdmin 15 Minute read   |   Apr 10, 2018

Completing online transactions can be a bit frustrating at times, with different factors ranging from a poor internet connection, fraud, security requirements, and multiple steps that customers must go through during payment!

The main desire of buyers and merchants to complete simple, secure and seamless transactions gave birth to the brand Ogaranya.

Ogaranya is a commerce enabling platform that completes offline and online commerce transactions in a fast and secure way via text (SMS, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Slack, Skype, and Web) using four to five steps in markets with little or no internet penetration.

Ogaranya has three main engagement modules; these are BuyBook and Give.


With adverts being placed everywhere both online and offline. Merchants can now encourage the purchase of a products when placing adverts and improving on advert spend. The advert documents become a call to immediate action via the various channels the buyer can choose from.

To buy a product, all you need to do is to complete a 5-step process if it’s your first time or a 4-step if you are an existing user.

You text Buy with the unique code you get from the merchant, and send to the designated number.

After an order ID has been generated , all you need to do is pay using USSD or online or bank transfer.

Ogaranya as a merchant allows you to get more conversion and sales on all your adverts across all platforms.


With concerts and shows being relatively hard to book without calling someone or going to a designated place, Ogaranya allows you to speed up the process in just 3-steps. You can now book tickets with convenience from the comfort of your mobile phone using any of our channels.


Whether you want to give to a church, charity or an NGO, you can now do it in just 2 simple steps anytime and from anywhere and on any GSM enabled device.

How Ogaranya Works

Merchants put their products on Ogaranya and they get a unique code they can add to their adverts anywhere to initiate purchase and payments. When users see the advert, all they need to do is send the instruction to buy with the product code to Ogaranya through our designated channels, we process the order and engage the user to the end of the transaction.

What makes Ogaranya stand out

● You can pay with any bank account

● You can pay online

● There is a 6-hour grace to complete payment before the transaction is canceled

● Ogaranya is synchronized across all our platforms i.e. Twitter, SMS, FB etc.


With Ogaranya, merchants and buyers can complete fast secure offline and online transactions with convenience.

With so many options to choose from, making more from sales your adverts can never be a problem.

For more information on what Ogaranya is and how it works, click here